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This is an excellent book. It’s basically criminal that health authorities have not updated Vitamin D recommendations.

— Rosanna Walters

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Thanks a lot for writing this book! Good information that I didn’t know about! I had added 10,000 iu back per day this Spring (knowing I wasn’t getting much sun) after doing 40,000 iu last year and 2021 for psoriasis and my tests rececently came back as 101 ng/ML! However, my doctor just told me to just take them every other day and didn’t yell at me.

— Natalie Lloyd

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Thanks for sharing your experience. At the start of the pandemic, I started on 10,000 IU of D3, plus K2, zinc and C. I had read that this was good for immunity. Last year when I went to my pcp, she said my bloodwork showed that I had hypercalcemia which was causing osteopenia. She told me that high doses of D3 can cause this. My D test showed I was at 100. So she told me to cut my dose of D3 in half. I have now been taking 5000 IU.

— Farrah Morrow

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